Sunday, 1 August 2021

Nimbus Capital

 So I have rarely ventured into parking my funds or pay subscriptions for trading advice. 

However, this was one that I have monitored and followed for several years now, and have committed a monthly subscription to his trade advice and recommendations. 

You can find more information about Nimbus Capital here.

This guy is super legit. His name appears as Zaw Oo on Facebook when I first followed him years ago. He was giving out trading education and recommendations for free and it took me years to notice that he was legit, fit and proper as a trading guru. Then he started out Nimbus Capital and the rest is history. 

Thankfully he hasn't reached euphoric popularity either, but his following is gaining a lot of momentum. 

And the key reason is because he is real and he is honest about everything he preaches. He doesn't spiel about doubling, tripling your money with "ho kang tao" and "insider news" bullshit. 

For him, the basic methodology of risk management and technical analysis is all he preaches, with no guarantees that each trade will be a P or an L. Coverage is SG, US, HK stocks.

He will provide his calculated Entry Level, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels ONLY when there are worthwhile trades popping up on his scanner.

There are certainly hits and misses. So no trade of his is a guaranteed win, but even if your stop loss is hit, you will already know what you would lose, as long as you kept to his approach and instructions!

So for his USD $20 per month package, I am getting good enough updates on this daily scanners (stocks which fulfill his criteria), his recommended trade set ups, and other educational stuff (which I hardly bother with).

The money for me is in the recommended trade set ups. They are sound, and they are good, with a good Win/Loss, Risk/Reward ratio.

More enthusiastic followers can even sign up for his training courses (he charges $3,000) and learn his criteria for stocks appearing on his scanners, and also learn to structure their own trade set ups. Maybe when I leave my day job, I might want to go for his course.

Very highly recommended.

Top Gainers & Losers 2021 July

 So there is quite a shake-up going into this latest update.

Two months makes a little bit of difference and since this list is dynamic, meaning losers can turn to winners if I trade them again and be profitable and vice versa, there's always hope to improve things.

One thing I surely cannot improve on is the Polestar investment, where the fees were booked as trading losses. Still, I am very hopeful that this trade will be one of the most profitable trades in my life :)


So, just like that, NORTHPOLE will likely remain the biggest loss of this year.

No changes to biggest winners unfortunately.

Biggest losers, have seen the previous top two drop to second and third respectively, and I added more losses in the Dow30 CFD Index. 

Need to stop the gambling bit in my trading!

My Saxo P&L 2021 July

 Yeah so I skipped two months of reporting. 

You can see my poor performance from below nonetheless.

May simply got worse and worse because I went back to playing with CFD Indices as well as Crypto trading. 

I kept losing money shorting the NASDAQ and the volatility of Crypto trading.

In June I kinda picked things up a bit by reducing my gambling streak by basically NOT GAMBLING AT ALL. 

End up making a little bit of money which was great.

July continued in the same vein, but due to my investment into Polestar, my first foray into private equity, the fees were charged as a trading loss. 

Not sure why that is but nothing much I can do about it. 

Yet considering the net charges off Polestar was $12.7K, and my published loss was $11.6K, it actually means that I was in the green of around $1.1K. 

Not bad in light of things.

Hopefully my trading continues to improve from here.


 So recently we made a small investment into this Electric Vehicle (EV) company called Polestar.

According to Wikipedia: 

Polestar is a Swedish automotive brand established in 1996 by Volvo Cars' partner Flash/Polestar Racing and acquired in 2015 by the former. It is owned by Volvo Cars and by extension its parent company Geely. Geely describes the brand as "independent" from 2017 onwards and "co-owned" by it and Volvo Cars.

Now we are awaiting for Polestar to IPO.

Hopefully it will fly high high and make me rich hahaha.

Then we can use the proceeds to buy ourselves a Polestar car!

Move aside Tesla, it is time for Polestar to shine!

And Polestar will be retailing in Singapore from October!

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Third Berserker Rage of 2021

 This one is really bad.

The worst of this year.

I got caught up in the recent Crypto volatility. 

Particularly when Saxo just launched its Crypto-currency FX offerings.

ETH went absolutely crazy over the course of one trading session, at one point dropping more than 40% in value!

I shorted, then longed, then shorted again. All died in the wrong directions amidst the whipsaws. 

Then I decided to make it back with the NASDAQ100 CFD Index trading and lost even more there. 

In all I lost 9k from my earlier crypto losses plus that night's crazy swings.


I really need to stop this shit.

Top Gainers & Losers 2021 April

Another similar month. 

The biggest change in on the biggest Gainers front where my NASDAQ gains totally got crushed by another berserker rage incident. 

This left my 3rd best gainer of the year to be a lousier number from my SembCorp Marine profits.

No change to the Losers.

My Saxo P&L 2021 April

April's turned out pretty good for me with a GREEN number finally. 

Sadly I'm not really in much mood since I'm blogging this April positive numbers on the back on knowing my May figures are the worst for the year.

Stay tuned for the May update bah.


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Windfall II

 Again still awaiting my bounty.

What a long wait its been, but this Friday should be the big day.

I've worked really hard for this.

And still I haven't got anything really set, although I have a rough idea of how to apportion my funds.

1/4 will go to immediate family (there's a lot to dole out).

1/4 I will save for taxation purposes.

1/2 will be for investments.

Of the potential investments, I have more or less made up my mind to lock them in to REITs.

Hopefully it will pay off.

Top Gainers & Losers 2021 March


March was very similar to February. As you can see here.

I haven't been making very big trades, so not much P/L to crow about. 

Couldn't deliver much to break into either of the Top 3s.

That might be a good thing actually.

Monday, 19 April 2021

My Saxo P&L 2021 March

 March was a really poor month for me yet again. 

The early month gambling on indices basically got me into a hole I couldn't get out of.

That said, the rest of the month turned out rather OK IMHO.

I'm trying to be more disciplined not and follow my subscription sifu's trades.

Hopefully that pays off much better in the longer term.

To a good April!